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You’re in good hands.

High-quality images and FUN in front of the camera.

If you want to capture the amazing moments of your life, show what makes you unique, or stylishly highlight your professionalism, you’re in good hands. Whether we work together for family photography, senior photos, or your business branding and headshots, I understand your hesitations and needs. I get that you may worry whether I can help your kids smile, find creative shot locations for cool photos to share with your friends, or capture your best side in a way that is on brand
and not boring.

With nearly 20 years of professional experience squashing your fears about being in the spotlight and actually getting images you love.

Check out my services below.


Need a fun photographer who knows how to get your kids to cooperate with the camera and capture the genuine connection in your family? Wiggle breaks and easy pricing options included.

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Get the attention you deserve during this once-in-a-lifetime milestone and pictures that highlight your true self and style. Outfit changes and out-of-the-box thinking are included.

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Represent yourself well with a modern headshot or top-tier business branding that accentuates your strengths and expertise (yes–I help you pose naturally and touch up final images).

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I can't wait to post these EVERYWHERE.

- Caitlyn

i'm andrea

about me

Connecting with you breathes life into my soul. 

I photograph all kinds of people and connection is super important to me. Whether it's the connection between you and your family front of my camera, how you connect to your inner self during our shoot, the connection between you and I, or the connection you feel to your photos when you see them.

I have always been up for change, which is why I regularly attend workshops to grow and meet the evolving needs of my clients. I have a beautiful natural light studio in Belmar in Lakewood, CO, but shoot anywhere on location. Be prepared for a big hello and warm welcome when we meet in person. 
Photo by Marilee.co

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